Why Hispanics Shouldn’t Vote for Hillary

While polls show that more Hispanics prefer Hillary over Trump to occupy the White House those Hispanics need to take a close look at what Hillary’s party has done for -- and more importantly, to -- Hispanics in the U.S. The Hispanic population has grown so rapidly that it is difficult to believe that the 1970 Census questionnaire did not include a racial or ethnic category called “Hispanic.” But this was not because Hispanics did not live in the U.S. in significant numbers. The musical West Side Story from the 1950s featured several Puerto Rican main characters, and cities like New York and Chicago had relatively large Puerto Rican populations, numbering in the hundreds of thousands. After 1950, with the passage of the Federal Highway Act Americans began to move out of big cities and into suburbs. They were looking for green lawns, cleaner air, and bigger homes. As they moved away from cities, however, city populations began to decline and are still declining....(Read Full Article)