Who Are the Real Fascists?

The Left is relentless in its attempt to nail the label of “fascist” to those on the right side of the political spectrum, Donald Trump being the most recent victim of this deceitful tactic. In truth, it is the massive increase in regulations and cronyism brought about by the progressive Left, that has the U.S. more and more resembling an actual fascist state. Anyone wishing to experience this on a macro scale need only attempt doing business in California. Take just one industry as an example: construction, and one small sub-section within it: electrical -- the industry in which I work. As an electrical contractor for nearly twenty years, I’ve seen the regulatory environment grow over time but especially so over the last decade. Surprisingly, individuals and corporations are still permitted to own property within the Peoples Republic of California. But those wanting to actually develop said property will quickly discover “ownership” is merely a...(Read Full Article)