Unworthiness, Shame, and Fear: BLM and the Slavery Comparison

The release of Birth of a Nation, a new film about the Nat Turner slave rebellion, has spurred more than a few references to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in the liberal press.  Though the movie is obviously being marketed with modern controversies in mind, the comparisons are spurious, as the BLM movement, based as it is on a contrived and false narrative, bears little or no relation to the Turner uprising.  What the left-leaning mainstream media will not acknowledge is that the movement that reflects the spirit if not the exact dynamics of a slave uprising is the one pushing Donald Trump's election.  And that is also why the media and Washington elites are so desperate to kill Trump's bid. Reviewers less than blown away by the film, like at the Washington Post (2½ stars), still feel compelled to mention BLM.  The New Yorker, in an even less enthused review, nonetheless notes the "stubborn recurrence of killings of black men at the...(Read Full Article)