This Election Isn't about Trump

This election is not about Donald Trump. The name on the Republican presidential ballot could have been any of the 16 that ran in the primary races. The name doesn’t matter. What matters is the reason for winning. The reason is to restore the heart of America. Ask yourself, do you really want Obamcare for the rest of your lives, your children’s lives? Each year it gets engrained more and more into our society making it harder to get rid of. If the Democrats win it stays; if they gain back control of the House and Senate, they may add to it. Even Bill Clinton in Michigan this past week said it was crazy. Again, the name Trump on the top of the ticket does not matter. I hear you, I understand: his language against women, his alleged assaults. You are right, it’s bad; so is the language in locker rooms or bars or other places men hang out. This is a diversion from our main mission. Ask yourself; can I really trust Mrs. Clinton? If she wins, we have heard her...(Read Full Article)