The stuff Hillary’s Dreams Are Made Of

Courtesy of what should be an explosive WikiLeaks disclosure we finally know Hillary Clinton’s fondest dream: An America without borders.  It was an amazing confession by Clinton to Brazilian bankers of what the Left desperately longs for but avoids saying in public. If this huge gaffe had received a fraction of the media attention it merits, Clinton’s campaign might be over.  Even the clueless NeverTrump Rich Lowry noticed it and its potentially poisonous ramifications for Clinton.  As an aside, one wonders why he and his other benighted friends in the NT crowd (Will, Krauthammer, Goldberg et al), don’t notice the terminal demographic problems HRC’s sure pursuit of her dream will cause their future ideologically pure conservative presidential candidate.      If the Trump team has the judgment, guts and talent to give this gift from Clinton the full Lee Atwater treatment, the unpleasant consequences for “Open...(Read Full Article)