The Problem Is Conservatives' Acceptance of Progressive Government

Many conservatives are frustrated with our society's lack of acceptance of conservatism into the mainstream. But it's not because of Republican Party weakness or a failure in political strategy, as some conservatives such as Steve Deace suggest on talk radio and among the Internet and TV pundit class. The problem is because conservatives have abandoned the true moral principles underlying a civilized society: private property, free exchange, and individual liberty. Starting about a century ago conservatives began to surrender their moral principles to the progressives' collectivist schemes, including the income tax, FDR's New Deal, LBJ's Great Society and the idea of "civil rights." Even before the 20th century a child's education was usurped from parents, and conservatives have accepted government schooling, or government-authorized private schooling, ever since. Many people have been conditioned, however, to rationalize those kinds of...(Read Full Article)
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