The Perils of War by Proxy

If there is one common trait among great powers, it is that they wage war by proxy.  If there is one common yet unlearned lesson from this practice, it is that such wars almost inevitably backfire.  The record of history is clear: the West, and particularly we in America, should not be engaging in this. As the Syrian Civil War starts to enter its sixth year, with no end in sight, one should reflect that whatever the internal brutalities and contradictions in the Syrian government, it soon became a battleground for everyone else and his relatives. The Saudis, fearful of the Iranian Shi'a, armed the Sunni rebels, as much to deflect al-Qaeda from toppling the corrupt Saudi regime as to fight Iran.  The Iranians, determined to keep their Alawite pratboy in power, and to humiliate the Saudis, sent in Shi'a Hezb'allah troops to assist Assad. As if this were not bad enough, the West armed proxies to assist in the overthrow of Assad – which in turn...(Read Full Article)