The Foreign Mess Awaiting the Next President

The 58th United States presidential election will arrive in 4 weeks, and emotions have never been more intense around the election of a U.S. president, at least not in the past couple of decades. Democrat and Republican rant and rave alike, daring Donald and humiliating Hillary. That is not necessarily bad. It is a manifest sign of freedom of expression, which is a building block of democracy. But if things are to remain that way and of course to improve, one must look beyond the minimal binary division of Democrat/Republican to the future of the American nation as a beacon of democracy. Whoever inherits Obama’s mantle will have to face three rising security threats if democracy is to maintain in the United States in the long run. The Russian Threat First, the growing Russian threat. After the dissolution of the former Soviet Union, the world experienced almost two decades of relative liberalization and democratization as a result of American ascendency. However, in the...(Read Full Article)