Saving Private Ryan and His Republican Quislings

Imagine it’s winter, the skies cloud over, and a few snowflakes begin falling. The schools immediately close and send students home. Businesses shut down for the day dismissing all employees. The local airport cancels all flights in and out. Just for some snow flurries. Will the clouds pass and the sun emerge an hour later or will the snow intensify into a blizzard? Not knowing, why would everyone run for cover as if the end times were approaching? Instead it’s another Donald Trump storm. He said something outrageous, crass, and totally unacceptable for a potential President of the United States. Only this time he said it 11 years ago, as a private citizen, not as a candidate for anything other than the next hotel owner or reality television show host. Snow flurries or a blizzard? Last weekend the political weather forecasters predicted a blizzard. The smart set hosting the weekend cable show, along with their brilliant guests, were predicting Trump’s Waterloo....(Read Full Article)