Of Prudence and Principle: Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump

How do you tell whether someone in public life acts out of moral principle or cynical pursuit of his own advantage? Is it at all a complicated matter? Does it require thought on what motivates a genuine statesman, and how the intention to do good must take account of practical reality? Apparently not, to judge by the conflagration of scorn, ignited in certain circles when Senator Ted Cruz decided to endorse the candidacy of Donald Trump. To Dr. Charles Krauthammer Krauthammer on Cruz: "This Is Politics; Exactly What You'd Expect" ...and to the editors of the Wall Street Journal "Ted Cruz’s Convictions", Cruz’s decision was so palpably corrupt that no reference to the fate of the nation if Trump loses was even necessary. In his written announcement Facebook post, Senator Cruz sets out six urgent policy concerns -- the Supreme Court and the Bill of Rights, Obamacare, energy, immigration, national security, and Internet freedom --...(Read Full Article)