In Praise of Milo Yiannopoulos

I'll admit that I hated Milo at first.  Something about the way he was making fun of fat women.  He seemed undignified, cold, and low, taking the issue far beyond the ideology of leftists and turning it into something personal – something regrettable by anyone who has ever had an overweight mother or sister.  The people who are against "fat-shaming" (even if what they're against is only stating a preference for fitness) are really against health and beauty and taste, and thus perfectly worthy of a thrashing.  The overweight, on the other hand, are only overweight, and so long as they aren't demanding admiration for their fatness or forcing us to say everyone is beautiful, they may displease us sexually, but they often make up for their unattractiveness with what we call a personality. That something as obvious (and fixable) as this is controversial to say is in itself proof that it needs to be said.  And we might even be tempted...(Read Full Article)