I Want a President Who Will End Victimism

Great news! The Obama administration is proposing a new race category. It’s for people of Middle Eastern and North African descent -- MENA for those in the know. Why? It’s obvious when you go to USA Today and read the blather about how the new race category could solve all kinds of problems with community identity and private-sector discrimination. In other words, liberals are going full-speed ahead to square up Muslims as another victim group for their victim politics. See, creating a MENA race category could be used in “drawing congressional and state legislative district boundaries.” In other words, majority-minority congressional districts. Imagine! Up to now MENAs have been categorized as white and so not eligible for all the victim programs so thoughtfully set up and administered by our liberal masters. The new category would set up Middle-eastern Muslims as a historically marginalized group and help liberals divide America. Dividing America is the...(Read Full Article)