How Voting Really Works: An Eyewitness Account

Obviously, this election cycle has evolved into a circus of corruption.  The mud-slinging is interminable, filled with duck and run operations, outright fraud, and lawlessness.  In a little over a week, by hook or crook, we will know the winner of the presidential election.  The question is, will it be fair, or is the voting rigged?  In the State of Washington, it is hard to tell.  There are so many avenues for potential dishonesty. This week, I took the time to personally carry my "mail-in ballot" to the local voting office in King County, Washington.  The state instituted its slick new balloting system several years ago.  However, the way they handle ballots is extraordinarily disturbing.  Here's what happened. Entering the building, my husband and I were met by a cadre of temporary employees steering citizens to various areas.  The woman who approached me appeared stern, as if I wasn't supposed to be there, and...(Read Full Article)