How ‘Convicted Criminal’ James O’Keefe Came to Be ‘Discredited’

Investigative reporter James O’Keefe is admittedly a repeat offender. Over and over again he has committed old-fashioned gumshoe journalism. Worse, he has gone after targets grown fat, soft, and corrupt from years of media protection. In the process, O’Keefe has embarrassed the mainstream media and enraged their political allies. Now the whole lot of them wants his head. To experience the media’s angst one only had to watch Anderson Cooper’s CNN panel discussion on the morning of the Las Vegas debate. The subject at hand was the Project Veritas video that showed Democratic operatives bragging about how they incited violence at Trump rallies. Although CNN felt compelled to report on the story -- five million people had already seen it -- Cooper and his colleagues were more disdainful of O’Keefe than they were of the two dirty tricksters already fired as a result of his video. Cooper introduced the videos by sniffing at O’Keefe’s...(Read Full Article)