Hillary's History of Denial

Nearly twenty years ago, David Irving, a British historian of WWII and Hitler, sued American scholar of the Holocaust, Deborah Lipstadt, for defamation.  He claimed that her references to him as a Holocaust denier in her book, Denying the Holocaust, were harming his career. He was indeed a "Holocaust denier," and remains one to this day.  But because British libel laws are different from American libel laws, Lipstadt and her publisher, Penguin, had to prove that Irving had intentionally falsified historical evidence to bolster his attempt to deny that Hitler had ordered the extermination of the Jews.   From Wikipedia:  "Irving's decision to file his lawsuit in the English courts gave him the upper hand by shifting the burden of proof. Under American libel law, a public figure who claims to have been libeled must prove that the statements in question are defamatory, that they are false, and that they were made with actual malice or...(Read Full Article)