Hillary the Dream-Killer

I don’t read California papers or plug into any West Coast news sites.  Instead I’m usually found three thousand miles further east hunkered down under a four hundred year old Black Walnut drinking ice cold spring water and some very good coffee.  But I do read Dr. Thomas Sowell.  And in his recent column The Left And The Masses (in 2 of 3 parts here) I learned this about recent developments the Golden State: …  under current California law, Hispanic school children cannot be taught in Spanish if their parents want them taught in English. … But the left in general, and Hispanic activists in particular, have fought against leaving Hispanic parents with that choice.  … This year there is a new proposition on the California ballot -- Proposition 58, very misleadingly phrased -- that would take that choice away from parents, and let schools impose teaching in Spanish to Hispanic children, whether the parents want it or...(Read Full Article)