Five Things We Must Do to Preserve Our Nation

  Below, you will see two charts that I downloaded.  I am led to conclude that we have serious problems with both parties.  Our legislators know the inevitable trajectory of rampant spending, and choose to continue to demand more money and power.  As we endure their disingenuous rhetoric, they rob us of a stable future.  Please take a quick look at them.   The charts name the parties of the presidents in the time frame, but not the senators and congressmen who actually make the laws and pass the budgets.  These men and women have no term limits, and thereby no limit to the damage they can do.  There is also no limit to the benefits they can vote for themselves.  And they keep lobbyists in their tents, and when you throw the presidential ego into the mix, you redefine the word “party.” My conclusions: First, you should vote for Donald Trump.  Why?  Because he is not one of them, and you can...(Read Full Article)