Does Common Sense Plus Polling Mean a Big Trump Win?

The "unskewed polls" fiasco of 2012 will live in infamy for many years until usurped by an even bigger failed prediction.  Unfortunately for conservatives, the mainstream media didn't miss a beat in weaponizing polls in favor of Hillary Clinton during the current campaign, leaving many of us demoralized and in search of answers.  The pollsters are skilled at shorting certain samples (independents), adding others (Democrats), and then creating a unique top line that defies the data included in the poll itself.  This is done in such a bold manner that it's almost as if the polling companies are daring us to start the next polling conspiracy. I am still not a fan of recalibrating a poll and issuing a corrected number.  However, anyone with a knowledge of modern elections should be able to tell that some things are wrong just by listening to the media narrative and looking at numbers available to anyone willing to click a mouse a couple of...(Read Full Article)