Comey's Mess

FBI director James Comey really stepped in it.  He should have known that cleaning up one of Hillary Clinton's messes would be just like wiping that proverbial dog poop off your shoe.  You think you've got it, but there is always some left over in the tread that you track into the house.  The wife yells, and then you're on your hands and knees with the carpet cleaner while your oversized Rottweiler puppy tries to eat the filthy rag.   Welcome to my life...but I digress.  Over a long career, Comey carefully cultivated a reputation for smarts and probity.  Perhaps it was truly earned, more likely the result of basic competence combined with clever politicking and strategic sycophancy.  Either way, it earned him his current job and, as standing in D.C. goes, an enviable combination of power and respect on both sides of the aisle.  Comey was no stranger to Hillary's machinations.  He was part of the team that...(Read Full Article)