Classical Liberalism: How Small Government Can Regain Its Voice

The late Andrew Breitbart said that politics is downstream from culture.  Essentially, political battles are won or lost based on the culture from which voters derive their values.  For conservatives, this has meant appealing to an American culture deeply rooted in family and religious values, and for years, this was a successful strategy.  However, in today’s increasingly secular America, these same appeals are no longer popular with most of the electorate, making it an uphill battle for conservatives to find strong support.  If there is going to be a voice for small government in the future, something needs to change. Some commentators are saying that this election is an example of what politics could look like in a post-Christian nation: a populist-nationalist candidate on one side and a far-left progressive on the other, much in the way parties are divided in Europe.  If true, this leaves supporters of small government with few good options going...(Read Full Article)