2016: Mean Girl Culture Takes Over the Nation

I don’t know about you, but I am a profound sexist, and I believe that men and women are different. For instance, men will engage in a direct debate on the issues man to man, while women will only talk about people not present. Men will argue with and insult each other when they are sitting at a bar, whereas women having lunch together will only “share” and sympathize while complaining about women not present. Men have a Culture of Insult; women have a Culture of Complaint. The boot camp for the Culture of Complaint is the U.S. high school, under the drill instruction of the Mean Girl clique. The basic thing you learn in Mean-Girl school is how to say: “I can’t believe she said that.” Vocal pauses are recommended, as in “like” and “whatever.” But what does it mean? I will tell you. The male Culture of Insult is related to the fact that the only thing that matters about a man is his courage. At some point, a man...(Read Full Article)