2016: A Hacked Election?

With the proliferation of electronic voting machines across the country, many are nervous about the integrity of our election.  Our government has assured us that there's no problem (oh, now I feel better).  They promise there''s no voter fraud – just more crazy, conspiracy talk.  Of course, they've been proven wrong again and again with the voting dead, absentee ballots, and yes, machines switching votes. Voting irregularities don't always point to fraud, but rigged voting machines are in-our-face vote theft.  Unless we've reached the age of the Terminator, where machines have a life of their own, machines have to be programmed by people to steal votes.  And no, it's not Russia – it's companies like Dominion Voting, who donate big to the Clinton Foundation.  Or Smartmatic, with ties to George Soros, who has consistently fought voter rights. Donald Trump's enemies (government) will do anything to stop...(Read Full Article)