Will the Real Vulgarian Please Stand Up?

The leftist media, dominated by a determination to elect Hillary Clinton and take out Donald Trump, has generated a shameless tsunami of ideological fervor.  Their job now, this force that is the media, is to see that Clinton is elected, despite her criminal activities disclosed over the last thirty years.  They do not care that she is a brazen pathological liar; they only care that she is the Democrat candidate.  She is one of them.  They are not bothered one bit by her crimes against the Constitution, against the body politic, on which she is a blight.  For the twenty-four years the Clintons have been on the national stage, they have been corrupting our culture and the traditional values on which the nation was founded.  Bill Clinton's promiscuity, once it became public, altered and degraded the notions of sex for children who were in middle school.  His escapades took a toll on young people that reverberates today.  Our...(Read Full Article)