Will the Real Vulgarian Please Stand Up?

The leftist media, dominated by a determination to elect Hillary Clinton and take out Donald Trump, has generated a shameless tsunami of ideological fervor.  Their job now, this force that is the media, is to see that Clinton is elected, despite her criminal activities disclosed over the last thirty years.  They do not care that she is a brazen pathological liar; they only care that she is the Democrat candidate.  She is one of them.  They are not bothered one bit by her crimes against the Constitution, against the body politic, on which she is a blight. 

For the twenty-four years the Clintons have been on the national stage, they have been corrupting our culture and the traditional values on which the nation was founded.  Bill Clinton's promiscuity, once it became public, altered and degraded the notions of sex for children who were in middle school.  His escapades took a toll on young people that reverberates today.  Our millennials, many of whom have not grown out of the casual sexual entitlement they learned at Bill Clinton's knee, are a sad commentary on the cultural rot with which he infected the nation.

He was a vulgar man, as were his defenders.  JFK, the public learned years after his death, was a profligate adulterer but enjoyed the protection of a compliant media.  So confident in his power over the media and the people, Bill Clinton was indiscreet his entire life.  He rubbed his indiscretions in our faces and Hillary stuck by him, as did the media.  Neither she nor they are defenders of women or the America that once was.

For her "loyalty" to her philandering husband, Hillary is to be rewarded with the presidency.  That was and is the deal.  She stood by him, defended him, handled the many women he involved himself with and expected that her subsequent steps to the Oval Office would unfold as naturally as planned.  For the most part, they have.  So far.

In the meantime, the Clintons set out to enrich and empower themselves on a scale a Borgia would envy and they have succeeded wildly.  They own the Democratic Party.   And they are owned...by Soros and all the other billionaire scalawags who donated millions of dollars to their "foundation" for access, privilege, and  urther wealth, all of which they got.  And on top of this, the Clintons, and Obama throughout his eight years as President, have done as much to stratify American society as the Democrats who opposed desegregation until forced to swallow it by Republicans.  They fought it for a hundred years and were forced to accept it in 1964 and '65.   Obama and Hillary see civil rights always and only as a political and electoral issue, to be used and abused.  They have set race relations back fifty years. They are race hustlers of the lowest order.

Fast forward to the current campaign.  Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, the vulgarian of the not-so-right but the one who beat sixteen other also-rans.  No one a year ago could have predicted he would be the Republican candidate.  He was indeed vulgar throughout the primary season.  He was cringe-inducing, crude, insulting to anyone and everyone.  He crossed many lines of decency and decorum. And yet he won. 

Why?  Because so many Americans are sick to death of the status quo: the tyranny of political correctness, the  indoctrination of their children by a federalized education establishment; the imposition of ridiculous rules on speech and gender, the  ruination of their medical care; the unconstitutional autocracy of the EPA,  IRS, and the other regulatory agencies.

The voters who made Trump the nominee are rebelling against big government overreach.  Obama's leftism is authoritarian, repressive and it has bankrupted the nation.  Hillary would be more of the same or worse.  Is it any wonder that the "people" gravitated toward a rapscallion like Trump?   The known is despicable, so embrace the unknown.  He cannot be worse than the powers that be, no matter how vulgar.

But Hillary Clinton is the true vulgarian.   She oozes no charm from any pore as she makes her way around the floor.  She has lied her way to prominence for thirty years without a shred of actual accomplishment.  She claims all manner of achievement but there is none; she has remained in the public realm for no reason but her last name --which she reluctantly took.   She accomplished exactly nothing as a senator and was a wholesale disaster as Secretary of State.   And she still claims to be qualified to be commander in chief!   She is not.   She is a mediocre intellect, an ideologue that has done far more harm than good.  The mess that is the Middle East is in part on her. But she did get very, very rich.

As the campaign ramps up and winds down, as outrageous as Trump continues to be, as alarming as he is to establishment conservatives, it is becoming clearer and clearer that it is Hillary Clinton who is the true vulgarian.  It is her specious and unending lies that are an affront to the American people who she assumes are all dumb as rocks.  As she panders to African-Americans, Latinos, LGBT's, illegal immigrants, and other putative victims more and more citizens recognize that she is a crude woman.  She believes she can lie her way to the presidency, that she has already bought and paid for it...by selling it to the highest bidder.

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