Trump Negotiates a New Deal with American Voters

Donald Trump's surge in the polls coincides not only with the public's growing appreciation of Hillary Clinton's moral and physical decrepitude, but also with the revamping of his own campaign with new managers and a new deliberate, positive, and mostly mistake-free approach to the coming election.  It also appears to reflect Trump's approach to business, at least as he appears to have conducted it earlier in his career.  Then Trump depicted himself primarily as an optimistic but realistic negotiator and deal-maker. As a businessman, Trump pushed for more than might be commonly asked and rarely backed down, which is typical of successful negotiators.  He now appears to be conducting the campaign as a sort of negotiation with the American people, to buy into the idea he can be president, and he's succeeding.  In a recent column, Charles Krauthammer proposed that Trump's recent success is a product of the ability to continually present a...(Read Full Article)