The Useless Left

The principal distinction between the right and the left is that the former is rich and the latter is poor.  The principal distinction is that the right is filled with people who work in real jobs that produce valuable goods and services while the left is infested with people who do not work or do useless work, like lawyers, professors, and community organizers.  Consider the occupations of the last few nominees of the two parties.  The Republicans nominated men who had been war heroes (Dole and McCain and George H. Bush) or businessmen (George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, and Trump), while the Democrats have nominated lawyers (Dukakis, Bill Clinton, Obama, and Hillary Clinton) or Gore, whose "occupation" defies description.  Who supports Republicans?  Principally folks do work of value, like producing food, healing the sick, growing cotton, drilling oil, building houses, mining coal, protecting us as policemen and soldiers, healing the sick....(Read Full Article)