The Useless Left

The principal distinction between the right and the left is that the former is rich and the latter is poor.  The principal distinction is that the right is filled with people who work in real jobs that produce valuable goods and services while the left is infested with people who do not work or do useless work, like lawyers, professors, and community organizers. 

Consider the occupations of the last few nominees of the two parties.  The Republicans nominated men who had been war heroes (Dole and McCain and George H. Bush) or businessmen (George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, and Trump), while the Democrats have nominated lawyers (Dukakis, Bill Clinton, Obama, and Hillary Clinton) or Gore, whose "occupation" defies description. 

Who supports Republicans?  Principally folks do work of value, like producing food, healing the sick, growing cotton, drilling oil, building houses, mining coal, protecting us as policemen and soldiers, healing the sick.  Productive people. 

Who supports Democrats?  Principally those sloths whose "work" has nothing of real value to ordinary Americans at all like sociology professors; government bureaucrats; public school administrators; blood-sucking lawyers; and, of course, that vast army of leftists who live off welfare and other entitlements and who do not even pretend to do any work at all.

What would America look like if all the leftists left our land?  The congestion and corruption that are the real "work" of most leftists would largely disappear, and so the work of the farmers, businessmen, doctors, builders, and miners would become more efficient and inexpensive, and the huge slab of national wealth gobbled by those drones of the left could be consumed by those who actually created the wealth.

Leftists secretly sense the pathetic unimportance of their work and the essential irrelevance of their careers in the healthy life of the nation.  This inadequacy translates into venom, such as when Hillary, who has never done a real day's work in her whole life, looks down on those whose work has meaning and whose life has purpose while her life is a dreary parade of greed, ambition, and lies.

The resentment these shallow and selfish leftists feel toward the solid and hardworking people who do real work and create actual wealth slops over into every aspect of public life.  So our hapless and clueless president demonizes those who produce the energy we need as heartless polluters and denigrates the farmers who grow the crops and raise the livestock we consume. 

So also our hapless and clueless president, in the 2008 campaign, privately mocked the hardworking people in rural America as folks "bitterly clinging to their guns and religion" and in 2012 mocked enterprising Americans with the "you didn't build that" taunt, and so the Democrat nominee in 2016 sneers at "deplorable" Americans, who, by the way, are the Americans who actually grow and mend and mine and build and make the things the left consumes.  

The brave police officers who go in harm's way for us are "racists" who need retraining while those professional complainers who prey like piranha in vile ponds of invented racial grievance and who tacitly encourage cop-killers are heroes.  The courageous soldiers who defend us are sent into battle with depleted numbers and aging equipment, while those who let our veterans die while awaiting medical care are carefully protected by the Byzantine civil service system (and the left resists changes in federal law to allow the firing of these bad VA bureaucrats).

The distinction is most stark, however, in how Washington looks at Flyover Country and how Flyover Country looks at Washington, which is the real left and right divide in America.  Those leftist piglets who suckle greedily on the fat sow of Washington contribute almost nothing for what they take, while those who create wealth in spite of Washington take much less than they make.

The problem is Washington, and if the federal government was reduced to the tiny size needed to perform its constitutional purposes, all the perverse silliness that is leftism in America, taken off Washington life support, would become useful or shrivel into a hollow dead husk.  The useless left is a junkie, and Washington is its pusher.

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