The Left’s Hillary Problem

Though the mainstream media may appear ready to break out the party streamers and noisemakers for Hillary’s long-awaited coronation, being a Hillary shill (a convincing one, at least) is an extremely tough row to hoe in 2016. Consider this. Even if (and this is a huge if, mind you) Hillary had no intention of wrongdoing in using her private email server to transmit classified State Department correspondence, she would, were she any ordinary American, be universally deemed unfit to even take credit card applications by phone, so careless has she proven herself to be with confidential information. Take all politics out of it, and there is no reasonable refutation of that previous statement.  Even the most ardent Democrat supporters would be reticent to give their Social Security number to a person who had forwarded such sensitive information willy-nilly over unprotected email servers in the past, regardless of whether she had seen any harm in her doing so. Gross...(Read Full Article)