The Decrepit Candidate

A lot has been written about the state of Hillary Clinton's health, and less about Donald Trump's health (as he has no apparent health issues), but short of viewing the complete medical records of both candidates, neither of which has yet been released, it is mostly speculation. I, too, have seen the videos of Hillary's "seizures" "blanking out" and coughing periods, but I think they can equally be explained by the circumstances of the events, so they prove nothing. Suspicion, yes; proof, no. But there does exist enough visible, believable evidence from which we can draw conclusions about the candidates' overall health. I can tell you (from personal experience) that as the "average" person reaches his or her late 60s and then 70s, the body does start to "crap out" from simple wear and tear. Joints become less flexible, the skin is less resilient, fat replaces muscle, and the overall energy level is lower as primary hormone...(Read Full Article)