The DC Gaslight District

I turn on the news and want to scream – another poll with Hillary Clinton in the lead!  How?  She's all but dropped out of the race, and a new Clinton scandal breaks every half-hour.  So how is she winning? It makes my head spin.  Hillary disappears – her numbers go up.  She mishandles classified information and breaks the law – her numbers go up.  She's nailed for her Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scheme – her numbers go up.  I feel as though I've been blindfolded and spun in circles, confused, off-balance, questioning reality.  Or is that the point?  The feelings I've just described, along with loss of joy, depression, and withdrawal, are characteristics of a victim of abuse – gaslighting, to be exact.  And that's exactly what our government and media have been doing to the American people. Urban Dictionary defines gaslighting as "an increasing frequency of...(Read Full Article)