The Bush Betrayal

Rumor out of Texas has it that the elder Bush will vote for Hillary Clinton. No word of denial issues from Pater, Dubya or Jeb.   Thus, the fair minded conclude that this spectacularly unsuccessful one term President is not content with the mere achievement of failure in office -- scattering the Reagan coalition and handing the country to Bill Clinton in 1992 was a feat of political incompetence that at the time seemed beyond human capacity -- the old man now essays to add betrayal of his voter base to his sorry resume. If any doubt remained about the philosophical treachery and political incompetence of this clan of faux Texas Northeast squires, its patriarch, uncontradicted by either son, has removed all doubt for all time.     In contemporary society, where any event more remote than last year’s Academy Awards is ancient history, it’s easy to forget how recently America seemed safe from the destructive manias of the Left. But that was before...(Read Full Article)