Hillary's Pneumonia Hokum: A Timeline

Only four days after I wrote "The Decrepit Candidate" here at American Thinker, Hillary Clinton took ill at the 9/11 fifteenth anniversary memorial ceremonies in New York City, ditched her press pool, left prematurely, and was unceremoniously stuffed, stiff as a board, into her van to escape to daughter Chelsea's apartment.  Thanks to a citizen video, taken by Zdenek Gazda and now viewed by millions of people worldwide, we know that the Clinton campaign's original statement that Hillary became "overheated" is a lie.  OK, let's be more charitable here – if Hillary did indeed overheat and become dehydrated, then it was a partial truth, but it was made a lie because it wasn't the whole story. After Gazda's video became public, a new excuse explanation was needed, and it was provided by Hillary's personal physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, who has written that she examined Hillary on Friday, September 9, performed tests, and...(Read Full Article)