Hillary at Bay

See also: Obama’s former doctor recommends neurological testing for Hillary Clinton The sicker Hillary Clinton looks on the campaign trail, the more the Media Left tells us to deny the evidence of our eyes.  Mrs. Clinton has suffered two strokes near, if not inside, her brain; but strokes are seldom localized affairs, and behind the scenes her doctors must be telling her to stop any physically demanding campaign activities. Hillary is in effect suspending her active campaigning to do almost exclusively fundraisers. Hillary Clinton looking tired leaving an event 8/29/16 We are seeing a woman who should be checking into Walter Reed Hospital to take full-time rest and recovery under intensive medical care, but who has to be physically propped up at some public appearances. The nation is looking at a practice that would not be permitted for a racehorse.  Dr. Drew Pinsky, MD, and a medical colleague have reported that...(Read Full Article)