Globalism and the Death of Defense

"If you want peace, prepare for war."  Nearly seventeen hundred years ago, the historian Vegetius gave that advice to the Roman emperor.  Good advice, as true today as it was then. Time was when America's overwhelming military and industrial strength kept the peace.  But now deliberate American weakness is embroiling us in a multitude of rarely reported hot skirmishes around the globe.  Good soldiers are dying, but you almost never hear about them.  This, while hard earned combat victories in Iraq and Afghanistan (and earlier in Viet Nam) have evaporated through premature withdrawal.  Current intellectual fashion has it that, rather than military strength, the international network of trade among the Great Powers will forever keep the peace.  History says otherwise.  In June 1914, Germany and Britain were each other's principal trading partners.  In September they were slaughtering each other.  Over the course...(Read Full Article)