Why the Modern Liberal is Out of Touch With Reality

At no point in time has the divide between Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal, been so great. In fact, the division is so wide that it’s becoming dangerous. A country that was founded on the premise of freedom is quickly losing its identity. And while neither side is handling the divide as well as it could, it’s clear that the modern liberal has transitioned from a free thinker into an oblivious product of a system that demonizes intellectual freedom.  Where Liberals are Missing the Mark Let’s be clear about one thing: Not all liberals are evil or stupid. The majority are simply uninterested in hearing opinions that don’t align with their beliefs. In particular, let’s examine two areas where the modern liberal is missing the mark. 1. Victimization and a Lack of Responsibility Have you noticed recently that liberals are always victims? Do you know a liberal who isn’t currently being victimized by something? Whether...(Read Full Article)