What is the American Social Contract?

What is the American Social Contract? Everything. What has it been in recent memory? Collapsing. What is it meant to be? Fundamental. Why is the American Social Contract everything? It is the totality of the spoken and unspoken, written and unwritten foundational concepts that underlie the relationships and responsibilities of citizen to citizen and government to citizen. It includes rights, duties, benefits, and laws. The Constitution is the essential legal document of this social contract. Why is the American Social Contract in collapse? We owe our fellow citizens decent, respectful, and lawful treatment regardless of skin color or national background. The laws are meant to be applied equally regardless of position, career, fame, wealth, or lack of any of those. Public service is certainly a worthy path that often results in fame for good or ill; however, when it results in wealth and fortune the people are necessarily and reasonably concerned. Security for our persons,...(Read Full Article)