Understanding the Trans Pacific Partnership

Okay, I know you're not dummies – but if a book is required to break down Microsoft Word into simpler terms, then the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) requires a library.  The 2016 candidates both in local races (for example, Paul Nehlen vs. Paul Ryan in Wisconsin) and our presidential race are always talking about the horrors of TPP.  But the warnings fall on deaf ears because no one knows what TPP is.  Why the hysteria?  What exactly is TPP (Obamatrade)?  TPP is a massive, pro-corporate trade agreement among the United States and 11 other countries.  So what's wrong with that?  Isn't this free trade? Well, TPP is labeled a trade agreement, but only a fifth actually deals with trade.  Of TPP's 30 chapters, six deal with traditional trade issues.  That's one red flag.  Another red flag is that TPP, like Obamacare, was negotiated in secret – no peeking, no sharing, no access.  This is how our...(Read Full Article)