Trump and the End of Nation-Building

Yesterday Trump called for the end to a 70+-year geopolitical "standard" adopted by the United States after WWII -- "Nation Building." This is one of the many reasons why I support Trump: he is a change-agent in the extreme, a man who is not afraid of addressing a failed paradigm. For those of you who need a nutshell-history refresher-course: after WWII the world's economies and geopolitical systems were a chaotic mess. With victory from the war, the USA was the dominant force-- it had almost all the gold, resources, military power, and was positioned to assist the former enemy-nations to rebuild while introducing democratic political systems that would replace Nazism, fight Communism, control certain oligarch nation-states, and create world-wide trade as a basis for peace. Post-WWII nation-building was a noble philosophy and daunting challenge -- in a macro-view, to rebuild Europe, stop the march of Communist ideology (and territorial conquest), and...(Read Full Article)