The Death of Evangelicalism

The current presidential election has made the serious rifts within evangelicalism embarrassingly obvious.  For instance, reactions to Donald Trump vary widely.  Some, like Jerry Falwell, Jr., have declared him a Christian, while others denounce him as something akin to the Antichrist. At one time, evangelical meant a clear commitment to biblical authority and historic Protestant doctrine, but now the term is applied to a wide range of people, from bizarre TV faith healers to religiously affiliated social justice warriors.  Evangelical no longer represents any consistent body of beliefs or even political commitments. Some blame recent secular trends for this change, such as leftism and postmodernism, but the evangelical world has been committing slow suicide for a long time.  Forty years ago, my own evangelical seminary had already opened its doors to the forces that would one day seriously undermine its own basic beliefs, and today the doors of evangelical...(Read Full Article)