Swimsuits on Trial in France

In 1871, Karl Marx published a pamphlet, "The Civil War in France," discussing the fight between the radical Commune radical group that had ruled Paris for a few months and the national government that resulted in more than 20,000 casualties.  The Commune attempted to institute political and social reforms, particularly the separation of church and state, and better social conditions. In summer 2016, a political and legal civil war has erupted in France on what is not simply a trivial issue of women's swimsuits, but a symbol of controversial issues of Islamic identity within a secular society, adherence to French law and custom, and freedom of expression. French society has been concerned for nearly 30 years with the problem of the clothes of Muslim women.  Now it is divided over the wearing by Muslims of burkinis, the swimsuits that cover the full body except the face, hands, and feet, on the beaches of France.  So far, we have not heard from...(Read Full Article)