Reconsidering the Female Franchise

  Almost precisely a century after women were granted the right to vote, it is perhaps time to assess the wisdom of this epoch-making decision.  Has female suffrage strengthened or weakened Western nations?  A disinterested survey of the matter not only suggests a preponderance of negative effects stemming from the female franchise, but reveals that a number of women themselves have spoken out bluntly and critically on the issue. It is impossible to deny that the so-called patriarchal class has built the armature of the greatest civilization known to history.  Science, technology, the crafts and trades, the professions, medicine, law, and the arts (literature, music, painting, sculpture, architecture) are almost exclusively – though not wholly, be it said – the product of male initiative, inventiveness, energy, and brilliance.  Naturally, feminists will disagree strenuously, along with their beta male accomplices and cultural defectors such...(Read Full Article)