‘Permission’ to Vote for Trump

From March 8 up to the national conventions, I wrote eleven articles dealing with primaries, conventions, delegates, and stuff like that there. All but one ran at American Thinker. My positions on these matters, however, seem to be minority opinions, as I’ve taken a fair amount of abuse in the comments areas. And that’s fine, because I’m a big boy. In fact, I recently began wearing my “big boy pants,” which I wear right over my PJs, hiding my shame that my jammies have feet. The main thrust of my eleven articles was that the national conventions of both major parties should be open, i.e. contested, so that the delegates could choose the best nominee from the pool of all 300+ million Americans. That, I’ll have you know, is a fairly subversive idea, as it entails breaking the law, specifically state laws that command convention delegates to vote for particular candidates. Because I believe those state laws are unconstitutional, I enjoined delegates...(Read Full Article)