Obama’s Biggest Mistake

This week the conservative media is noticing that even the president’s cheering section at the New York Times is wising up to Obama’s mistakes in Syria, Libya, Iran, and more. But I think that the disaster of the president’s foreign policy is the least of his problems. I think the real mistake is the president’s ruthless attempt to push the liberal agenda to the max during the last eight years. I see why the president returned the bust of Churchill to the Brits. He just doesn’t believe: In victory or magnanimity. And now I have the founder of the Democratic Party, Thomas Jefferson, to back me up. It was in a 2013 article about JFK, how liberals have remembered him all wrong, that I read this quote attributed to Jefferson. Great innovations should not be forced on slender majorities. I take that to mean that a president should not push his agenda by parliamentary shenanigans or by phones and pens or by the regulatory actions of...(Read Full Article)