Not in My Name, NeverTrumpers

Many of my close friends in the conservative movement are NeverTrumpers.  As a result, I find myself in an awkward position.  The NeverTrumpers are appealing to their conservative friends based on emotional claims that I recognize as false, deluded, and selfish.  One friend said, "Who wins the election does not matter as much as the need to vote one's conscience."  This statement is stunningly prideful and childish.  The voting booth is not a ride at Six Flags, and elections are not part of a consumer experiences.  The White House is not Burger King, where you get things your way. Of course who wins the election is more important than your precious conscience or how you feel about voting.  Your country matters more than you do.  Has America become so weak and self-absorbed that people no longer understand what it means to say, "It's not all about you, honey"? I guess that's why I could never be a...(Read Full Article)