Law and Order and Trump

Donald Trump has taken a stand for "law and order."  He may be the first Republican presidential nominee since Richard Nixon to dare pronounce those words, so thoroughly has the GOP internalized the Democrats' canard that "'Law and order' are code words for racism."  In the opinion of one Nixon scholar, however, Trump doesn’t measure up to the Old Man’s standard.  Rick Perlstein, author of a splendid series of works on Goldwater, Nixon, and Reagan, faults Trump's acceptance speech for failing to rise to the heights of the one Nixon gave in 1968.  Perlstein calls that speech Nixon's "masterpiece: poetic, shot through with rhythm and imagery and propulsion, layered into a carefully constructed latticework," etc., etc.  Not like Trump’s speech at all. We all know that Trump is no Lincoln.  Most of us understand he's no Reagan.  Now we find he's not even Nixon, for crying...(Read Full Article)