I Don’t Prescribe Heroin

While walking through the lobby of the hospital where I am a physician consultant, called on this occasion to evaluate a patient with newly diagnosed colon cancer, I found myself bombarded for the fourth time in a week, but on this occasion from the mounted TV in the lobby, by a message asking for assistance to help fight the heroin epidemic in America. Having already received communications from the PA Department of Health, the U.S. Surgeon General and the local hospital, imploring me as a physician to aid, in various ways, the fight against heroin use I thought, what next, a text message? Well, I did get an Amber alert on my phone but I digress. Reflexively I figured that I certainly couldn’t be part of the solution because I wasn’t part of the problem: I don’t prescribe heroin. So what role does my work play in the proclaimed heroin epidemic? And here is where opinions can differ but facts, those stubbornly annoying components of an argument, get in the...(Read Full Article)