Hillary: Best as in Easiest to Bribe?

Those with criminal intent think differently about some things than most of the rest of us. For instance, when the word ‘best’ is used in comparing lawmen (or lawwomen) or politicians, most of us look to the lawman with the track record of honesty and justice, and the politician with a history of trustworthiness and support of the Constitution. But criminals have a different take on the word ‘best.’ In the hit movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, criminal Butch (actor Paul Newman) asks comrade criminal Sundance (actor Robert Redford) who the best lawman is. Sundance replies with a clarifying question, as the word could have opposing meanings based on the context, “The best, how? You mean toughest, or easiest to bribe?” It is perfectly logical to recognize that those with miscreant intent will think of the ‘best’ person, as in the best politician, as the one easiest to bribe. And bribe they will if they see an advantage or...(Read Full Article)