Iran: Follow the Money

Let's not waste time.  At the direction of President Obama, the United States of America gave $400 million to Iran – it was Iran's money, after all, Obama said.  In an unrelated move, Iran released four American hostages: a newspaper reporter, a former Marine, a Christian pastor, and a language student.  It was a coincidence – no one negotiating the money knew anything about any hostages. Over and done.  OK?  OK. But what about the other hostages? Siamak Namazi and Robert Levinson were left behind – and Namazi's father, Baquer, not an American citizen, was arrested trying to get his son released. Nazar Taka, a Lebanese citizen with permanent American residence, was arrested in November; the Iranians proclaimed him a U.S. citizen. Nazak Afshar, a French citizen, was arrested in March on her way into the country and sentenced to six years in prison. Nanzanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British citizen, was arrested in...(Read Full Article)