Whither Social Conservatism?

Social conservatives ought to support, without reservations, Donald Trump in 2016.  His selection of Pence, the man most likely to succeed Trump, is important, and his list of potential Supreme Court nominees is even better.  The convention showed just how much Trump loves and trusts his family as well, and that matters. After November 2016, however, social conservatives need to figure out a better way to promote their values than simply as an appendage of the Republican Party.  As Republicans, these social conservatives are being asked, for example, to accept homosexuality as moral.  Polls show that many Americans do not believe that proposition. Social conservatives are quietly asked to mute their concerns with the judicially created laws regarding abortion despite the fact that many of us believe that abortion is murder.  Most polls show that a plurality of Americans want stricter laws on abortion, favor laws requiring parental consent for abortions...(Read Full Article)