What Hillary Won’t Do as President

Hillary Clinton’s status as the presidential candidate of her party is totally due to the national party organization. Unlike Donald Trump, who earned the votes of 14 million primary voters without any help from his party, Hillary is totally dependent upon her party’s vast national political infrastructure. Because her status is totally dependent upon her party she is now totally beholden to it. This dependence upon the party means that she must do what the party wants, and must refrain from doing what the party doesn’t want. And for the Democrat Party what they don’t do is just as, if not more, important than what they do. This is because the Democrat Party practices what may be called palliative politics, particularly with regard to social issues. They go after symptoms not underlying causes. This explains the paradox of Democrat Party legislation. On the one hand Democrats are known for relentlessly creating new programs to regulate the production of...(Read Full Article)